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Solution Architecture
Solution architecture comes into play when developing a custom web database application. It is critical that the project manager has a firm and comprehensive understanding of the customer's business goals and system requirements which can be clearly relayed to the development team. Only then can the development team begin to build a solution that will meet the short and long term goals of the customer. A well architected solution will demonstrate peak performance and will pay dividends in the long run in a cleaner, more easily maintained application.

CWD has been developing substantial web database applications since 1997 and has accumulated a wealth of knowledge and "lessons learned" in this area. Architecting a robust solution can be difficult when the customer's requirements are challenging as different components sometimes need to be integrated together. Over the years, CWD's team of senior-level developers has "seen it all," and has architected, built, and maintained many sophisticated applications to meet some very complex business requirements.
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