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Logo Design
A well-designed, professional logo is absolutely critical to the success of a company's branding and the aesthetics of their website. It is one of the most important visuals of a website and can give credibility to a firm and often times "carry" a website whose design is less than perfect. It is no small challenge to design a logo that is visually appealing, concise, and able to relay a message about a company and its mission. The usefulness of the logo goes beyond the website as it is normally also used for envelopes, letterhead, and print media for the company or venture.

CWD has access to a team of talented designers skilled at creating professional logos for any application. The customer's ideas, tastes, and preferences as always consider during the process and several logo concepts are produced for review. CWD then designs the website "around" the logo, and is careful to ensure that the site design matches the colors and "feel" of the logo.
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