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Once your website or web application is developed it needs to be hosted on a web server at a hosting facility (data center) so that it can become accessible to your users and customers around the globe. There are many bargain basement hosting companies out there today that can tempt clients with their low fees. The catch is that their servers are jam packed with hundreds of other websites which is not ideal from a maintenance, reliability, or performance standpoint. Plus their technical support is many times difficult to access and not always competent.

CWD hosts almost all of its client websites and web applications, and has been doing so since 1997. The CWD servers are hosted in a state of the art data center which is monitored 24/7/365. The resulting performance and reliability are excellent and when issues do arise they are addressed immediately and professionally. CWD maintains its own DNS servers and offers website and web application hosting, database hosting, and email account hosting. You can also take comfort in knowing that all web files and databases are backed up continuously.
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